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Tone & Sculpt Your Body With Pinnacle Fitness Center

Pinnacle Fitness Center is a functional training program that specializes in weight loss and athletic performance. Each workout is designed to give you variety and push you further. Whether it’s a few pounds off the waist or a sculpted body, our staff has the experience and education to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Split Max Method™

Pinnacle’s studio level classes involve a unique strength and interval day-to-day training split called the Split Max Method™. This training split allows you to maximize strength and muscle toning as well as reduce body fat rapidly.


Each class session will offer you high energy, fun filled, challenging workouts that will ignite your metabolism every time you come. You can expect to become healthier, stronger and happier with the results you gain from Pinnacle Fitness Center.


Read below to learn how our 3 Phase Fitness Model can personalize your fitness experience.

Pinnacle's 3 Phase Fitness Model

Phase 1: Fitness Evaluation

In phase 1 we calculate your fitness level by a series of health assessments. The results of your health assessment will allow our staff to appropriately recommend the path of fitness programing you'll need to achieve your goals.

Phase 2: Fitness Programming

In phase 2 we create the course of action you will take from our listed fitness services. The fitness services that we offer are personal training, and studio class group training. We also have a teen sports prep class for the 11-17 girls and boys.

Real People, Real Results! Achieve your weight loss goals at Pinnacle

At Pinnacle Fitness Center, we offer customized, individual programs that meet the needs of our unique clients. Whether your need is the “career workout” to stay energized for meeting the high demands of your corporate day, working out to increase your sports performance, or just getting back into shape after a baby, the Pinnacle Fitness team can design a program specifically for you.

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