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Studio Level Training 

Tone. Tighten. Thrive. Redefine your limits, set new goals and experience a stronger, leaner body.  With the fellowship of encouraging classmates and the support of our certified instructors, you will feel stronger and empowered after every workout. That’s our promise!


HIIT Blast

HIIT Blast blends resistance training, metabolic conditioning & High Intensity Interval Training to ignite your metabolism. Instructors will coach you through each set giving you motivation and encouragement to achieve your highest potential. This class is filled with energy and fun. You will leave the class feeling motivated and challenged and want to return for more.

Strength X

Learn the secrets to strengthening and toning your muscles in our Strength X (exercise) class. You will use strength training techniques to enhance your lean muscle growth. Instructors will ensure that you target your key muscle groups and challenge your strength goals. This class is so effective that you will notice strength gains and toning of your muscles in a matter of weeks.

Studio Level Rates

Our studio level packages range from $95 to $175 per month.  All studio level packages grant you access to our Strength X classes and HIIT Blast classes. We can help you find an option that meets your fitness and budget needs.


Discounted Studio Level Rates 

We have family, teacher, law enforcement, military and corporate rates available.  Give us a call at 404-855-5569 to learn more.



You will receive $50 off your next month’s payment for every referral that signs up for a fitness package with Pinnacle Fitness Center. This policy does not apply to promotions.

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Personal Training

For many years Pinnacle Fitness Center has been known to have the industry’s leading personal trainers. Our personal trainers are equipped to give you that one-on-one attention you need in a workout to aid you in achieving your health and weight loss goals. Click here to learn more.

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Try Your 1st Two Weeks for $25