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2019 Pinnacle Fitness Biggest Loser Challenge

A portion to benefit Reading is Essential for All People (REAP)

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Looking for a way to slim your waistline and sculpt your physique?  Join the Pinnacle Fitness Center Biggest Loser Challenge. Our proven method and experienced staff has helped more than 350 people shed over 4,000 pounds in the past 5 years. If you’ve been looking for a COST EFFECTIVE way to shed pounds quickly the Pinnacle Fitness Biggest Loser Challenge is for YOU!


  • EVENT KICK-OFF/Main Weigh-In: Saturday February 2nd. 9:30 am – 11:30 am
  • FINAL EVENT/Closing Weigh-in: Saturday March 16th 9:30 am -11:30 am
  • Early weigh-in times are individually held by contacting your nearest location.  CONTACT US


All participants must schedule 2 official weigh-ins within the allotted time of the contest. At the 1st official weigh-in you will be given a weight-loss packet, and your information will be logged into our online spreadsheet. Each Friday, you will weigh yourself at home and place your weight in our online spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will calculate your numbers automatically so that you can track how much weight you have lost each week. All participants will be able to create an alias (nickname) so that their weight will remain confidential.  Winners will be announced on March 17th directly after the close of the final weigh-in and each participant will also be sent a notice through email of prizewinners.

Program Benefits

  • Pinnacle’s “Steps to Long Term Fat Loss” fitness & nutrition packet.
  • Weekly coaching emails with tips and advice on healthy weight-loss.
  • Weekly recipes for quick, easy, healthy meals.
  • Weekly online performance tracking to monitor your progress and give you the motivation you need to make your transform.
  • A leaner, healthier body, and a new attitude on nutrition.

Grand Prize Packages

  • 1st place male and female winners will receive: $250 cash prize, 1 month of unlimited fitness classes
  • 2nd place male and female winners will receive: $50 gift card, 2 weeks of unlimited fitness classes
  • 3rd place male and female winners will receive: $25 gift card, 1 week of unlimited fitness classes

Pinnacle Fitness Biggest Loser Challenge Registration

Cost: $30 for 6 weeks of the Pinnacle Fitness Biggest Loser Challenge. You do not have to be a member of Pinnacle Fitness Center to register. (Participants must be 18 or older). $5 from each entry will go to fund child literacy and teacher scholarships through R.E.A.P.

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Fitness Class Promotion Registration (optional)

Cost: $45 for 4 weeks of unlimited fitness classes at Pinnacle Fitness Center. Experience a month of body sculpting, energy pumping classes at Pinnacle Fitness Center during your weight loss challenge. Join Atlanta’s body transformation experts today. (New clients only)

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2014 Female Biggest Loser
Challenge Winner Karla Zisook

“ The Biggest Loser Contest kept me accountable to my weight loss goals…. I discovered a very competitive streak that helped me stay on target.”

2015 Male Biggest Loser
Challenge Winner Eddie Cortez

Week-1 started strong. I went to Pinnacle 2 to 3 times a week. The changes I made to my eating habits were now routine. Pinnacles Biggest Loser gave me what I needed to achieve my goals.

Event Sponsors

Reading is Essential for All People

email: Jrhett@readingisessential.org

Pinnacle Fitness Center

email: PinnacleDecatur@gmail.com

Disclaimer: Weight loss percentages are calculated from the contestant’s original weight for fairness. Example: A 300 man who loses 15 lbs will have lost 5% of his body weight.  A 150 lb man who loses 12 lbs will have lost 8% of his body weight. Independent results may vary.