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Our Story

Since the spring of 2008 Pinnacle Fitness Center has been a program dedicated to helping our members achieve their next fitness level. Our energetic professional fitness coaches take great pride in giving the best service to each client who walks through our doors.  Pinnacle Fitness Center has been recognized as one of Atlanta’s premier weight loss and athletic performance centers.




3 Phase Fitness Model

At Pinnacle Fitness Center we use a 3-phase approach to programming and offering our services.  Our intention is to maintain the collective fitness goals throughout each phase so that we can adequately offer services that apply to your specific situation.


Phase 1: Evaluation

During phase 1 we calculate your fitness level by our series of health assessments. The results of health assessments allow our staff to appropriately recommend the path of fitness programing you will need throughout your time at Pinnacle Fitness Center.


Phase 2: Fitness Programing

During phase 2 we create the course of action you will take from our listed fitness services. The fitness services that we offer are personal training, premier level training (small group classes) and studio level training (large group classes).


Phase 3: Nutrition Programing

During phase 3 we customize a nutrition plan specific to your metabolism. Our custom nutrition plan provides you with a roadmap for your nutrition regimen, and gives information on specific calorie requirements, portion sizes, and meal pairings.

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